Electric Life EMF Consulting


An on-site evaluation will help pinpoint your greatest areas of EMF concern.


During your on-site EMF evaluation and consultation, I’ll use state-of-the art equipment to diagnose your EMF levels.

You’ll receive a comprehensive report with EMF readings, recommendations, and EMF informational resources. Because I know this information may seem confusing, I’ll take the time to sit and explain the results with you so you feel comfortable moving forward with the suggested EMF minimizing recommendations outlined in your report.

Home consultations along with a comprehensive write-up: $150



Having your home or work space measured by an EMF consultant is the best way to ensure a healthy, low-EMF lifestyle.

EMF sources are part of your everyday life:

✔︎ Routers/Range Extenders

✔︎ TV’s

✔︎ Fluorescent and LED light bulbs

✔︎ Apple TV/Amazon Fire Stick/Alexa

✔︎ Wireless home phones (DECT phones)

✔︎ Video game systems

I’ll identify the major sources of EMFs in your space and help you create a plan to minimize them for better health!

In this modern world, we knowingly or unknowingly expose ourselves to invisible hazards. The conveniences of today’s wireless technology are experienced daily. Yet evidence shows that constant exposure to EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) through cell phones, computers, routers, microwave towers, etc., can and does negatively impact our health and the health of our families.

So how can we assess what we are exposed to day in and day out?  My husband and I hired, Ryan Christensen, who is a certified EMF expert. Ryan came to our home,  measuring for any harmful EMFs, and answered all of our questions. After the visit, Ryan followed up with a written report and provided actionable steps to remediate any issues. I highly recommend Ryan’s service. It is well worth the reasonable investment for my health and the health of my family.
— Dr. Susan Kelenyi