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Electric Life Founder
EMF Consultant


Welcome to Electric Life!

I derived the name of 'Electric Life' because, life is in fact electric. The difference between life and death is electrical signals in the body. To me, an electric life also means living every day feeling excited and fulfilled. That’s hard to do when you feel bogged down trying to figure out mysterious health symptoms.

Electromagnetic fields can be the root cause of many uncomfortable physical conditions and my goal is to help you figure out if EMF exposure could be degrading the quality of your life—and if so, help you take fast steps to correct the situation.


I graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and have worked as a construction project manager for the past four years. During my college days, I became interested in EMFs when my twin sister (who’s a clinical nutritionist, researcher, and health writer) suggested that our parents turn their wireless router off at night. Like most people, I didn’t know about EMFs and thought her advice was strange and unnecessary. But I was intrigued—which prompted extensive research on my end; which then grew into a passion; and eventually resulted in acquiring an EMF consultant certification by professional electrical engineer, Chris Young.

While mainstream media and corporate interests have their own reasons for limiting the education and restrictions on EMFs, there are plenty of reports and data that connect EMFs to significant health problems.


I've been conducting EMF consultations for the past two years and am constantly learning and finding new ways to assist clients. I’m incredibly passionate about this issue because I thoroughly enjoy helping people live brighter, healthier lives. I look forward to helping you learn more and make positive improvements in your environment by being smart about your exposure to EMFs.


When I'm not reading books about EMFs and alternative medicine, you’ll find me golfing, playing softball or volleyball, and hanging in out in downtown Chicago with my friends.